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"My posting sold in under an hour. CommuList (a.k.a CraigList) can go to hell with their UN-American 'no ammo sales' policy. Just keep doing what you're doing, Mike. People will wake-up one day, and realize that they are being socially-engineered at these monopoly sites. If We The People don't start resisting, soon, there will only be five companies controlling everything that we do both on and off the Internet. That's Fascism!"

"You are bad ass and a true patriot! Thank you for posting this article in your gun section, and standing up for America! The World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset' agenda, which pushed by some of the most powerful organizations in the world, is a clear and present danger to the life, liberty, and property of almost every person on the planet. In fact, it is practically a declaration of war on America's constitutional republic and the fundamental rights of every American."

"I really like your site by the way, it works super! have a good one."

"I enjoy your site a lot, and I will continue to use it for buying and selling things."

"Posted a pistol on Here and sold it. Was very satisfied with this site."

"Thank you Mike. The list served me well. Sold the plane in 3 weeks!"

"I don't mind paying a tiny fee for a Featured Ad. Ten cents a day is almost nothing. LOL I think Alaska's List works well. I usually get quite a few calls on my post, and things sell. Just wanted to let y'all know that I do like Alaska's list!!"

"I have sold the machine. Alaska's List is a great service!!!"

"Thanks for all the help. Alaska's List is sure effective to sell stuff."

"Everybody knows that Alaskaslist is the place where you come if you want to find serious sellers and serious buyers online. There's nothing else like it. Thank you for helping me sell my four-wheeler and all my rifles. The people I met while advertising on your site were awesome."

"Thank you for such a great service. We've been using it to buy stuff online for almost 10 years now. I found my first job in Alaska on your website."

"Love the service. I sold my .357 Highway Patrolman in just a few hours."

"3 hours! That's how long it took from posting the ad to the sale! Incredible! I've used this site many times in the past, and the results are always the same. It works! Thanks for this site!"

"I am tired of CL and look forward to using Alaska's List from now on."

"I'm glad I found this site. I will continue to use Alaska's List in the future!"

"Thanks so much guys my with my ad. It sold in a matter of minutes! You guys are great, and thanks again for all your help."

"Thank you. It took longer for me to post it, than it did too sell it. Good site."

"Thank you for providing your Alaska's List. It really works."

"I really appreciate this site. Kudos to the admins and creator. It's a lot less hassle compared to craigslist."

"I want to say thank you for your excellent work in creating and maintaining this wonderful tool for Alaskans to use to better their lives. I have been very happy using you website as a buyer and seller and look forward to using Alaskaslist in the future to sell unneeded items and to secure things I want. You do a great job, and I am happy to pay for the special ads. Thanks."

"Thanks so much for your service. Sold my plane in 2 days. Thanks for such a quick sale."

"I love you people, thanks so much for your wonderful service that you provide us!!"

"The aircraft sold with in the first hour of posting. Thanks."

"...all so worth it! Thanks and Bless all of you at Thanks so much for your wonderful service to AK."

"I get lots more action from your ads than Craigslist so keep up the good work."

"My HK45 just sold, thanks for the great service."

"I just wanted to say thank you! Your site made it easy to sell our Father's airplane after his passing. I appreciate the business that you do. You are a great resource for Alaskans."

"Holy cow! You guys rock! All my stuff is now sold."

"I greatly appreciate your willingness to use your Alaska's List platform to educate your viewers and thereby promote freedom. I have been assembling a book of wisdom for my boys (ages 3-10). I've used many of the quotes from your Guns page, and I seem to never find the end of them. I feel their education in these matters is the hope of our nation."

"You are awesome and I will tell people that Alaska's List is great! Thank you."

"Thanks for all the help with our ad. Alaska's List is truly a great site!"

"I deleted my Honda Foreman ad today because it was sold this morning. Thank you Alaska's List for the great resource you provide for Alaskans."

"I use your website often, and besides having a great product, your patriotism and constitutional conservatism encourages me. I always enjoy reading your comments [in the Guns section] on Alaska's List, and often I refresh the screen just to read more of your quotes and comments. Our freedom will prevail as long as good men band together and speak out against overbearing governments. Less government = more freedoms. Keep up the good work."

"Please pull the ad for the Bethel based M4-210 Maule, which was turned over to its new owner on March 30. The buyer turned out to be an old friend who lives next door to where I work, but he found out about the plane by reading Alaska's List in the Anchorage airport. Thanks for a successful sales experience. I had numerous inquiries due to the ad."

"The first person who called bought the safe. Amazing!"

"I got my missing cat back thanks to Alaska's List. Thank you so much!"

"I very much enjoy reading your editorials in the guns section. there is so much ignorance out there about the importance of our right to keep and bear arms."

"You guys did a great job. What a clean, effective site."

"Please remove the ad for my missing cat. I got him back yesterday, thanks to Alaska's List!"

"Just wanted to say thank you guys so much! Your ad sold our trailer! Cheers."

"Thanks so much for the help, my truck sold last night. Thank you guys and gals!"

"Wow! Talk about warp speed on a holiday. I am impressed. Thanks again. You have my support."

"Thank you as always for the services you provide."

"I appreciate your web site very much and thank you for having such a great Alaska site. I use it all the time."

"I really do love your site, the layout, ease, everything. Keep up the good work. Way better than Craigslist."

"I placed two ads on your system on Saturday night and both items have been sold already. Great service!"

"Thank you. You have an awesome site!!! Thank you for providing this service :)"

"The proper owner of the handgun I found at Olson Creek. He came forward thanks to the ad on Alaska's List. Thank you for your community service."

"I think this a great site! There's no flagging like CL."

"I love this site and go on a couple times a day. I have close to a 100% success rate in selling items in here. Way better than any other classified sites out there. Really like your Guns/Hunting section. Keep up the good work"

"Thank you for the great service you guys provide. There's nothing else like it."

"I sure do appreciate your website. I've been able to start a very small business using it. If you go under, I go under. Thanks for providing the service."

"Yours is a user friendly, wonderful service, and I tell all my friends about it."

"Thank you sincerely for your services. I sold the box truck I listed quickly."

"I really enjoy your site. I have gotten some great deals here."

"Thank you for the assistance in getting my ads posted, in spite of my ignorance of the nuances of posting firearms for sale on Alaska's List. I truly appreciate everything your site does for the Alaskans that visit it."

"We love it that you take the time and opportunity to remind people about the ideas this country was founded on. We appreciate and are thankful for the service you provide!"

"Thank you very much. Also, thank you for your service and website. I use it all the time. One of the best out there."

"Thank you very much. I do appreciate what you do. Thank you also for giving Alaskan gun owners a place to trade online."

"I enjoy your site because there aren't all the flakes like on craigslist. I see the car sellers are migrating to your site now. Craigslist by owner section has been ruined by these dealer/resellers posing as private owners. Keep Alaska's List clean! Just my two cents."

"The rifle sold today. Thanks for a great service to Alaskans."

"Thank you for the Featured Ad. RZR has been sold. They bought it after seeing it on your site."

"Just a thanks to Alaska's List, sold my kayaks last night! Cash! Appreciate your service!"

"I would like to thank you for providing ALL Alaskans with an awesome website for us to buy and sell any and all items here... I reside in anchorage and have family in the rural villages and we all use this site... many of us had a need to be able to buy or sell firearms rifle etc. and you guys have helped us to make life easier to get by... subsistence hunting/fishing is our way of life and having you here to assist us in finding the means to provide us with the ability to get the tools we need to carry on our traditions and that subsistence lifestyle is the greatest blessing we could have asked for... from all of my family, relatives and my self... THANK YOU!"

"Thank you for your website! I sold my travel trailer in less than 6 hours after I posted it for sale on Alaska's List yesterday! I feel confident in the integrity of Alaska's List and I will use your services again, plus recommend other Alaskans to your site. Thank you, One Happy Camper-less Customer!"

"The ad turned out great, thank you! Great service."

"I don't understand why people can't see CommuList for what it is. In my opinion, it's a facsist anti-trust operation, owned by Sleeze-Bay, which pretends to be 'communitarian' in nature by giving away free advertising to the masses, but really, it's just a way for Sleeze-Bay to keep sites like yours from ever rising-up to compete against their online auction monopoly, which hauls-in 1% of everything sold there. After all, no legitimate corporation could ever make money by giving it's products or services away for free, so obviously, Sleeze-Bay must be giving away free advertising at CommuList for some other reason."

"All my puppies found new homes you guys helped tremendously with this. Thank you again!"

"I have already, in just a few days, had two registrations, crediting Alaska's List as the way they were referred to me. Thank you for your excellent service!"

"The aircraft sale has just finalized. It sold within a week of advertising on Alaska's List. Thank you"

"Thank you! We have used Alaska's List since it was started. Your site has been very good for our business, and personal use."

"Sold my fishing reels. Thank You VERY MUCH for your awesome website/service. Thank you (again)."

"Thanks for providing a wonderful service to our state, Alaska's List is very appreciated! Many years of great service with you folks."

"I really appreciate you helping me with my ad. It has made my life a lot simpler. You have a very good service. I tell everybody I know about it. I tell them if want a no nonsense place to advertise or sell something go to Alaska's List."

"It's amazing! My gun sold after only an hour. Wow!"

"I look at and use Alaska's List all the time for things that I am looking for, and I want to thank you for putting it together."

"You have a very good service I tell everybody I know about it. I tell them if want a no nonsense place to advertise or sell something go to Alaska's List."

"I look at and use Alaska's List all the time for things that I am looking for, and I want to thank you for putting it together."

"Thank you! You guys are so fast--the best customer service ever!"

"I know you hear this often. Great site! I am an almost daily visitor. Posted my ad and had a buyer in less than 30 minutes at asking price. Thanks!"

"All items were sold on your site. Great results!"

"Hey we LOVE you nice folks at Alaskaslist!!!"

"Thank you for helping me sell my couch. I greatly appreciate it!"

"Thank you from everyone who uses your site. It's so nice to have a place other than Craigslist to shop and sell. Your site has become a household name in AK."

"Thank you for your excellent website and the service it provides! It is a credit to the industry."

"Thank you very much for your site! Sold the snowmachine!! Alaska forever!!! Keep up with the great site you have, I'll post in the near future."

"You guys do a great job. Thank you for your efforts."

"I appreciate your service and refer people to it all the time."

"Thanks for your wonderful service! Great job your doing also! I'm so glad it's available for Alaska."

"I think I made my husband a believer in Alaska's List. You guys are great. I hope and pray all is well with you and your family."

"Thanks for any help you may give and I love the service your site provides."

"Thank you very much for your site! Sold the snowmachine! Alaska forever! Keep up with the great site you have, I'll post in the near future."

"The best of the best for classified ads within Alaska! I've always been successful in selling on this site. Many thanks for your service to the Alaskan community."

"Thank you for the quick responses. You are doing a great job with this web site."

"Thank you for your great website and service!"

"I really appreciate Alaska's List, and your patient help."

"Thank you for helping me sell my Jeep!"

"Thanks again your customer service/support is awesome! You saved me a whole bunch of hassles."

"I love Alaska's List. What a great venue to buy/sell/trade stuff, and meet some really nice people!"

"I sold the motorhome yesterday! Didn't get my asking price, but that's okay. Thank you for being here for us!"

"My pistol sold in the Guns/Hunting section. Thank you for the great advertising service for selling stuff."

"Your help, as usual, has been a wonderful help and service. GREAT JOB! I do not know why anyone would ever be satisfied to use your competitor's site. Yours is well organized, easy to use, and just plain awesome. I remember when you first started and chatted with you... How Alaskaslist has grown! Thank you. And, again, good work!"

"One common denominator throughout almost every town on the road system in Alaska is Alaska's List."

"People love your site. I would be hard pressed to find a more widespread venue to advertise."

"I post on Alaska's List pretty frequently and really value your website as an avenue to advertise what I have for sale. It works. Thank you."

"Your support of our 2nd Amendment is the reason for my continued patronage."

"Thank you for giving us a good honest website."

"This is my third time listing an item on your site and I think it's great!"

"My canoe sold today and I just want to say thanks."

"Hey. Thank you so much for setting up this great site. This is going to make my move up to Alaska a lot easier. Your list rocks!"

"The vehicle has sold because of the site. Thank you very much."

"You have the best listing site in the State of Alaska."

"Thank you for taking the time to keep our Alaska List clear and up to date. Also, thank you for helping me with my ads. You are team players! AK4Ever!"

"I didn't realize you guys actually have to review every ad. Wow! You must never get any sleep. Thanks for running this wonderful website. I really love it."

"Your site worked extremely well, and I am sure I will be using it again soon."

"We listed five items and sold them all in two days making $1700. Thats more than what we have made from a garage sale and with out the normal fake scammer responses you get from craigslist. Just two minutes after posting one of our ads I got a call and sold the item! Now if my house sells on Alaska's List I'll elevate you guys to God Status and buy you a steak dinner!"

"Thank you for providing such a great service. I have enjoyed reading Alaska's List several times a day."

"Alaska's List is the best thing that's come to the horse world of Alaska."

"Thanks Alaska's List for helping us sell a D21-P dozer. The gentleman that purchased it was a really nice guy, and it was a smooth transaction."

"I was able to sell an item quickly again by using your Featured Ad option. It took only two days before I got a reasonable offer."

"Thank you. The Tahoe is now sold! That was fast! I will use this site more in the future. Very impressed."

"I do appreciate you guys keeping your site free of spam and policing its content. Thank you."

"I really appreciate you having a clean site for us normal Alaskans!"

"I'm glad to see Alaska'a List is still very much alive and well. It was only about 5 minutes after posting my ad that I had a buyer for my rifle tonight. Wow! To be 100% honest, I'm pinching pennies and was a little skeptical at first about posting an ad for my business under services. However, after I saw how fast the response was on my rifle, I went straight home and posted my business ad. Keep up the good work."

"Your service is wonderful. Thanks a million."

"Congratulations on a good site. I use it regularly both to buy and sell."

"I think this is the third ad I've posted with you guys, and I'm thankful for your service. It's always been a pleasant experience. Thank you very much."

"Thank you for you attentive and prompt service. You and your site are fantastic, and truly rock!"

"Thanks for the reads everyday. I typically go on Alaskaslist about four times daily to check out firearms for sale. I look forward to the words of wisdom from our founding fathers and other insightful individuals. Keep up the good work."

"Thanks to your website I found a good home for my puppy. Thank you!"

"Thank you for a wonderful site. Your list generates much of my business."

"My plane was sold within a couple weeks of placing a featured ad on your site."

"That 'other list' is a pain in the butt, but your list kicks butt. Love it! Thanks."

"It literally sold in under 1 minute after I posted. Thank you for making it happen."

"I have sold all three of my items. Thanks for your help. Alaska's List is great!"

"I just recently moved to Alaska. I was browsing and posting an ad on Alaska's List, and came across your article when browsing firearms. I wanted to personally thank you or as much as I could via e-mail for your words of wisdom and exemplary display of patriotism and a confirmation of a backbone that supports what the Constitution is about, also to have the vision to see around the Washington politics and reveal the agenda of the globalist pigs. I appreciate your efforts and a sincere thank you from a fellow patriot."

"Thank you for the great service that Alaska's List gives to Alaskans!"

"Thank you for providing a great service to Alaska."

"I was able to trade my iPad for a very nice .44 Mag Ruger Redhawk thanks to Alaska's List. That never would have happened on Craigslist!"

"Thanks a lot folks. It's nice doing business with Alaska's List!"

"The motor has been sold. Thank you for advertising it for me! I love your site, and I always tell friends about Alaska's List."

"Thank you so much for your website. We are happy with the results of our ad we put on Alaska's List."

"Thank you guys for the wonderful service you provide to this state."

"Thanks to your Great Web Site, I sold my American Champion and will have my friend that is selling a Cessna 185 and another American Champion list with you. Thanks again."

"I greatly appreciate Alaska's List and all the work you do. Thank you very much."

"First of all, thank you for a great resource. Once again, you have served us well. Second, I have successfully sold our Suburban."

"Thank you Alaska's List for providing an easy way to sell my aircraft."

"Thanks for being a great sell site. We sold our truck within one week of listing. Keep up the great work and we always tell all of our friends the best alaska site for selling is Alaska's List"

"We just wanted to say thank you for having such a nice website for us to use! Craig's List is so awful now, with so many scams. It's been a real pleasure being able to use your classifieds, especially to re-home our Malamute. We found a very nice couple to take her, and it was comforting to know we were dealing with real people!"

"We sold the items today, less than 24 hours after posting. We can see why your site is as popular as it is. Thank you."

"Thank you for your site. It is a wonderful forum. I don't understand how you make money by operating it, but you are quite generous for doing so anyway."

"Allow me to thank you for your excellent website, and the service it provides."

"Made my trade just as I'd hoped. Thanks Alaska's list! The site is just the greatest!"

"One thing I have found with Alaska's List is if you need help it's there fast. That is a great service!"

"Your classifieds yield results! It only took 4 hrs on your site to sell my tires! Made the mistake of posting on the brand X web site, nothing but scammers and endless questions for trades. Thanks."

"I just sold my inflatable raft and mailed it to Montana. Your ad works Outside as well as in-state. Thanks much for your service. I'll definitely use it again."

"I listed our family dog, a Rottweiler/Retriever mix with a sparrow brain. Over 200 people took the time to check my ad. Now, he's back home. He's lost weight, was freezing cold, but otherwise, he's his good old self. Thank you everyone."

"Thanks for a great site. Sold our tractor, as well as many other things in the past!"

"Thanks for making us all a great site. I plan to use it more in the future."

"I found a buyer. Thank you for your site and your services."

"I want to thank you for your list, and let you know that I use it regularly."

"I have had good response and will use this list in the future. Thank you very much for your time and effort."

Alaska's List is so much easier to use than Craigslist.

"All of our puppies have homes now thanks to you guys!"

"I have a serious question. I just moved from Alaska about 6 months ago and I really miss Alaska's List. No other state has a exclusive service like this. I mean there is craigslist and ebay but they are so loaded with scammers and other crap. When will you be starting something like this for say PA?"

"Thanks for the top notch site! It beats Craigs List hands down! I hate all the filth on their site and really like having a site like yours that is Alaskan and includes guns, hunting, trapping and all the other normal stuff!"

"Thanks. Sold the item today. Buyer saw it on your site."

"Thank you for your site. I'm moving out of state soon, and have a lot of stuff to sell. Your Featured Ad option is a no-brainer, and well worth supporting your site."

"I placed my first ad on Alaska's List last night and sold my tires and rims today. A total no BS experience, so thank you. It was very easy to place the ad and delete it when I needed to."

"About 3 minutes after I hit the submit button, I got a call from a gentlemen in Anchorage who drove directly to my home in Wasilla and purchased my generator! You rock!"

"All are sold, and thanks so very much for your web site. My family loves it."

"Thank you. We have had 100% success with all of the ads that we posted."

"Always good to know you guys are kicking ass, thanks for helping me."

"My trailer has now been sold thanks to you guys! I appreciate your service."

"Great job man! Glad to see finally see someone take on Craigslist."

"Thanks. I sold both of my trucks on your awesome site!"

"First I'd like to say what you're doing is great! There are so many trolls on craigslist, it's completely ruined that site. Alaska's List is WAY better!"

"Thank you for Alaska's List. It is a great site for buying and selling items in Alaska."

"Approximately five hours after my ad was posted, my ammunition was sold. Thank you for the good service you provide."

"I sold my boat thanks to you're site. You guys are the bomb. I love Alaska's List and will continue to use it to buy and sell. Thanks again"

"A big thanks to Alaska's List. It has been a great service. I just retired and moved to Missouri after 23 great years in Alaska."

"Thanks so much for all your hard work and help to us here in Alaska."

"I sure wish you guys were in Nebraska. When we come to Alaska we shop for a week on your site for things to get back to the Husker state. Last trip a 30.06 and a heavy duty Interstate trailer that made its way back to Nebraska. Thanks for a real, honest to goodness site."

"I sold a 4 drawer file cabinet thanks to the ad I placed on Alaska's list. Thanks for your help."

"Thanks for a nice community service. I am starting to use Alaska's List more than Craigs List. Good for you!"

"Thanks. This a very good site to have access to."

"Love this site, I don't even go to craigs list anymore, Alaska's List is so much more user friendly for Alaskans and doesn't have all that dating/prostitution crap that clogs up craigs list."

"I sold it on my first call! Thanks for providing such a nice service, and one not being afraid to run firearm ads."

"Thanks for your site. It's great for us small business folks and for every Alaskan as well."

"I've told all of my friends about Alaska's List! I visit there every day looking at cars and trucks for sale. I never find any scam ads or out of state ads at Alaska's List. I don't know how you do it, but it sure saves me time, and I thank you for that."

"I've told all of my friends about Alaska's List!"

Thank you for this awesome site. I have used your site to buy and sell things over the years and I'm very happy with it."

"Thank you. You offer a valuable service during hard times. Best wishes."

"I love your web site I feel it is nice for people to have there own in state site."

"Thank you so much. I just sold the truck we posted yesterday! Alaska's List worked for us. Now we can stop worrying about our finances for a while."

"Just found your site. It's great to finally have an alternative to Craigslist, which I've always hated to no end because of the porn there. And knowing that Ebay is an owner of Craigslist never really set right with me either. I hate cartels like that. It seems If they don't get you coming (to Ebay), they get you going (to Craigslist). Anyway, give 'em hell. That's what they deserve."

"Thanks to Alaska's List, our cat, Snickers found the perfect country home she was looking for."

"Thank you for letting us list for free! It must be a lot of work to keeping a website like Alaska's List up and current."

"Thanks very much! You folks provide a super service that really works! Your competition is....bunk!"

"Thanks for taking the time and money to keep the Alaska's List up and running. It's a very nice service to have. It works."

"I LOVE Alaska's List! It's a wonderful site and so helpful for all of us. Alaska's List is awesome!"

"Thanks. Your site is the best!"

"Thanks ever so much. I am very satisfied with your services."

"Blessings and many thanks to you and your service to the little guys out there!"

"Thank you so much, this site. It is where I bought my first house!"

"Excellent website, I've been a fan for quite awhile. Thanks for an amazing service!"

"I put my snowblower in Law & Garden and it sold in 3 hours. Thanks, I love Alaska's List."

"Thanks so very much for having this service. It's way better than others I have used."

"Posted an ad for my used (but not worn out) pickup truck tires last night on Alaska's List. Received three separate calls from interested people and sold them within 24 hours. Thanks so much for your website. Have also bought several private party firearms through Alaska's List. Love it!"

"Thank you, I posted this on both classified web sites, and all the responses I got came from this one! Got more offers than I was ready for!"

"My Springfield XDM .40 sold within the first 3 hrs it was listed! Thank you so much!"

"GREAT news. It sold within one day! We use Alaska's List to buy and sell LOTS of stuff and are 10000% satisfied! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

"Thank you. I sold it because of your website which is far better than craigslist."

"You're providing one of the best deals out there."

"At least you listen! I send e-mails to your competitor and haven't heard back. Won't use them anymore. I like dealing with a real person!"

"Wooohoooooo - U da man! Viva Alaska! Huzzah Alaskaslist!"

"I don't envy you having to mess with stuff like this, but glad you do."

"I frequent the site and it's fantastic! Thanks, and as always keep up the great work!"

"Thank you for a fantastic website. It has been very helpful to my husband and I."

"Sold the mower. Thank you for the service!"

"Your sales site is the best around. Thank you!"

"Thank you, I love you guys!"

"Thank you, very useful web site."

"Great response, I see why no one puts an ad in the paper any more!"

"Thanks alot. I was glad to find your website, good idea."

"Thank you for such a great website. It like a modern day wish book."

"Your site is the best. I posted it a few hours ago and it is sold."

"I just wanted to say that I appreciate your service and plan on using it a lot more here in the near future."

"I sold it. Thank you for your site!"

"Thank you so much for all you help. I am not very good on the computer so I really appreciate your help. You make it so easy to use Alaska's List."

"Thank you for magically making it happen, and thanks for the great service you provide!"

"Thanks! Appreciate you getting right on it and fixing it. You got a great site! Better than Craig's List!"

"Great job revamping my ad for me! I can absolutely see why paying the nominal fee for a Featured Ad is worth it."

"Thank you for your site! Because of it I sold my TV and snowboard... Thanks again!"

"Thanks for the great service you provide!"

"I'm a daily user of Alaska's list. I have a real estate company and I want you to know your website is a very important tool for my business. I really like using it. Thanks"

"And now that you've fixed my ad I must tell you I just sold the Browning! Alaska's list is faster than McDonalds! Thanks for your help."

"Thanks Much. Really great site you guys have. I look at it weekly."

"Thank you, the item sold. Good results."

"I sold my HP 1600 3 in 1 printer yesterday and am really happy with the response I get from placing ads in Alaska's List. I'll be placing more as time goes on, again, thanks for this great service."

"Greetings. We listed a house for sale in Wasilla, FSBO, and sold it in 26 days for full asking price. THANK YOU! All the best."

"I just learned of your site from the plumber who was installing my high efficiency boiler. Good job, and thanks! Politically Correct is Objectively Wrong."

"Thank you guys for the site. It is a great one. Easy to use, and for me anyway, fairly successful."

"My ad was on for about one hour and had to delete it. The item sold that fast. Thanks"

"The Motorhome sold very quickly. Thanks in advance and Alaskaslist is awesome!"

"I just want to you I sure like your guys rocks!"

"Please delete my ad for my 1998 Valco Bayrunner Boat with twin Honda 50HP engines. I sold it. Thanks for offering this wonderful service."

"Thanks for the quick reply. And by the way, I really appreciate your site. Everybody I work with uses it. Thanks for an alternative to CL!"

"Thank you very much for your service. I sold my Eagle Cap slide in camper to the first caller then had 3 more calls. I guess I should have priced it higher, but I'm happy with what I got."

"Thank you for your services! I sold my CM Gooseneck horse trailer from my paid ad with you."

"Thank U. Wow UR fast. Love the website. Keep up the great work:)"

"Thanks so much for Alaska's List. I put up the ad and sold my vehicle within a week! Great people and Great website. FLAWLESS. Cheers."

"You guys are the best and thank you."

"Thanks very much for your great service to Alaskans."

"I was able to sell my ATV and I thank you guys for a great site."

"First time I have used Alaska's List. Great results, lots of calls. Thank you!"

"Hey. The last ad I ran is working great. Just wanted to say thanks again. I'll be posting more often!"

"You run a nice operation."

"I have sold my gun. I was surprised how fast it sold! Thank you so much."

"You all are wonderful!!! Thank you!"

"Thank you for supporting AK! This is an awesome site!"

"I'm very glad to see this website. It's affordable and you guys are so helping us by allowing us to advertise. Have a very successful summer."

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"Hello. love your, I just sold the Glock 20C and the SKB 12 Ga this afternoon... I will look in the gun safe to see what else I can post today. Thanks again for your assistance."

"I remembered your case from last winter. I think it was November '08 when I saw your attempts to post the dog house ads. I recall I posted a note in support of your ads back then. Well, anyway, good for your for taking the bull by the horns and creating this site. I'm guessing it's gonna be big! I'll help spread the word on Facebook to my AK friends. God bless!"

"Your website is AWESOME... love the way you have so many categories."

"Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your website. Sold my daughters (outgrown) 4 wheeler in record time."

"After trying to deal with craigslist for a few months, and telling tons of people I hate that they don't sell guns, an NCO in my unit told me about the gun he bought from "alaskaslist." I was confused, and then he showed it to me, and I've been in love since. I tell all my fellow soldiers about your site, and constantly copy/paste/email them links. It's like a drug: I was fine before I had it, but now I don't know what I'd do without it!"

"Good morning. Great site. your providing a great service to alaska folks. Thanks"

"Thank you!! My phone has been ringing off the proverbial hook since I placed my ad. I'll recommend you to others."

"Sure appreciate this List. I've told lots of folks about it who hadn't heard about your dilemma with the other List. When I tell the story, almost everyone say "But, where else would you list dog boxes?" Ah, Alaskans!"

"Thank you for your personalized service and great website."

"Thanks for the quick replies... I love the website. Nice to have a local alaskan website to use. Keep up the good work."

"I just realized the story behind Alaska's List - awesome job! Thank you so much for creating our uniquely Alaskan list! I've "collected" abandoned rabbits for over a year now, some pregnant, and trying to find homes for the babies on CL was nearly impossible. With my AList ad, I found homes for 5 bunnies already and met the NICEST people in the process. Thank you again for creating this forum. All thumbs up (incl. rabbit and dog thumbs :-)"

"I'm already in love with Alaskaslist...thank you for making it so much easier than Craigslist, which frustrates me no end...nuff said...thanks."

"Thank you for having your list & keeping it clean."

"It's awesome to see something made to help out Alaskans! Kudos!"

"Thanks. I love the new Alaskan Website. Keep up the good work!"

"Thanks for the service you provide I am impressed with how effective Alaskalist is. I generally hate to sell stuff but Have really enjoyed the ease of selling using your service."

"Keep up the great work on your Alaska website."

"This is exactly what Alaska needed!! I've completly converted to Alaskaslist. Thanks, you have all my support!!"

"Hi. Just deleted my ad, the seller signed closing documents today! Thanks very much for the service."

"This site is getting better and better every time I check it! Keep up the good work!"

"Just wanted to say you folks did a wonderful job developing and promoting this site. It is very clean and easy to use. It's nice to know we Alaskans have a place to go that was designed for Alaskans. Well done!"

"Looking forward to CL crumbling under it's own depravity."

"What I like is the fact Alaska's List doesn't allow discussion posts, which don't have anything at all to do with buying and selling stuff."

"We sold our jeep off your list. You guys are awesome. Thanks"

"Thanks... what you are doing here is wonderful. I hope it continues, grows even larger, and replaces craigslist. Good Job!"

"First, thanks for kicking Craigsbutt! I love the local service. I sold my 20hp Johnson this weekend... Thanks again"

"I very much appreciate your service, I am delighted that Alaska has it's own list now."

"You have a great site! Thanks for being such a great alternative to Craigslist!"

"Thanks... You guys are great. I have been telling everybody about your web site. It is so much easier to surf."

"Keep fighting the good fight. I check this site almost daily and am pleased to note the growth you are experiencing. The need for your site is real and I am pleased to have an Alaska-relevant alternative to that californicated Craigslist!"

"I like your logo a lot better than Craigslist, I hate that stupid peace sign for a multitude of reasons."

"I like the fact that you have the free part and a pay for placement section. I think that's great, if you can afford to advertise get yourself in the front. I've already told a few people."

"Thank God and YOU for Alaska's List! My posting has already been flagged and is probably going to be pulled from Craig'slist!... so I decided to post with you... That was a wise choice on my part *pats myself on back* Again, thank you so much for giving Alaskan's an alternative to Craig'slist!"

"Love your website, it beats the newspaper thats for sure."

"I LOVE alaskaslist. The layout is so clean and easy to use."

"Thanks for offering this service to our great state for an outstanding price... FREE!"

"Just found your site... having been disappointed with craigslist for some time now... it's great to have a good alternative!"

"Thanks for all you do. Again, I love the web site."

"Thanks for all your efforts. It's not un noticed."

"Thanks so much. Not only is your site a refreshing change from all of the drama on CriagsList, but you're a total rockstar!"

"The website is wonderful and keep up the good job!"

"I REALLY like what you have done. A few examples I think you have a huge advantage on is the fact you allow pictures to be blown up to the size that was actually posted. I also like where a link can be inserted and a phone number slot is available."

"I posted a few boats on your website. In less than 24 hours we have a deposit on one of our boats. It was your site that the lead came through. My feedback to you is THANK YOU. You did a great job and I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to start one for each state. I think you have something here that should be shared with everyone."

"You guys have a great thing going. Let me know if I can be of help at all."

"I just today was referred to your site and man am I impressed. I really appreciate you putting it together. It's nice to be able to go about my business without wading through the swamp of idiots that Craigslist has. Thanks again!"

"First off your website is wonderful! Everybody is talking about it. I get replys within minutes of posting an ad. So thank you so much for what you have created. Second thing is can you delete every ad I have created. Your site is so good that I get calls after it has sold. Thanks"

"I just sold one of the sets of tires. Wow I love this website."

"We sold our Argo yesterday from your site. Thank you very much."

"I love your website and tell everyone I know about it. Your website WORKS. My phone won't stop ringing! Thank you."

"Thank you for providing this service. It helped me sell my 1999 Suburban LS"

"I was so excited to learn of this sight... I've totally had it with Craigslist. So, just wanted to say thank you... Alaskan's need this sight badly!"

"GREAT website, I love the seperatation of your trailers... so much less work to find what you are looking for.. GREAT job and thanks..."

"I like your website. Will use it when ever possible. Its Alaska! Thxs"

"Mr. Baker, What a supurb alternative... I too get very frustrated at Craigslist. I'm glad you took the initiative to create something positive for Alaska. We needed a change."

"Just wanted to say thank you for doing something I think we've all been looking for here in AK. Craigslist rules are so California!"

"Thanks for starting this sight. I didnt know until some one told me about it. There is a lot of bs going on at craigs sight. More arguements there to. Keep it up."

"I sold all three of my pups in one day, wow! The featured ads are amazing. Thanks!!"

"Thanks for providing this site as an alternative to Craigslist. I love the concept and hope you continue with great success."

"Great job! Thanks for your help. Selling your house on your own is a big job. I needed that second set of eyes... Love the site and you are great in the customer service business."

"Thanks for all you do on this site. We all do really appreciate it... This is a great site."

"Great service, I like the look too. Much better than CL."

"Wow - what service! Thanks for providing personal service and a great site."

"I've sent your URL to a few of my friends and family too who used Craig's list. Told them this was a much better site. Read the article in the paper when it came out about your site and saved it. Now...I've tried it and I like it."

By the way, Alaskaslist is a great site... been on Craig's list for years, and what a dirty, ugly site to do business on. Yours is so refreshing, and easy to navigate and post. Easy to read all posts.

"Your site is a wonderful thing after having to deal with Craigslist (he had good intentions, it was the users that messed it up). I hope Alaskaslist continues to grow!"

I just sold an item that I posted yesterday. Thank you, great job on the web site.

"Very impressive website you have there, and its very user friendly."

"Awesome site!! No garbage/junk, REAL buyers, etc. I have two ads on your site... Sold my guns in only hours, and had a great experience. Good advice to put a phone number in with my ad."

"The site is GREAT! I much prefer it to craigslist."

"Thanks. Item sold. I think maybe you have found a hot item for Alaska. Have talked with several people that have used the listing with success. Again, thanks for getting it going."

"Thank you for your service. I had several people contact me in regards to my add on your website."

"These items we posted have sold... Thanks so much for providing us a great resource."

"Thanks for your services. We have sold this truck and we appreciate your site, as it worked well for us. Thanks again."

"Thank you for your help posting. Alaskaslist worked out great! The couch just sold! Will definitely be back to use this site more often. We'll see you next time. Thanks!"

"I also wanted to say how much I'm enjoying this website. It's very effective and MUCH cleaner than Craigslist... I'm hooked. Keep up the good work!"

"This is my first time using wasn't sure how it all worked. I'm very grateful for your website and like how user friendly it is (Much better than CL). Thanks so much!"

"Hey thanks for the place to list our stuff. Keep up the good work."

"Thanks for the opportunity to post my ad on your site. It's amazing what good service you provide, and how fast Alaska's list got popular - It's been my home page for awhile now. I appreciate the generosity!"

"Thanks, this is an excellent idea, just need to get people used to looking for you. I'll do my share to spread the word. Keep up the good work! Alaskaslist is the best!"

"I really LOVE alaskas list. Thanks for spearheading a flag free environment for us farming alaskans!"

"I want to thank you for helping me sell my motor coach. The unit has been sold, and the response from the ad with your group was twice the response from Craig's List and Big Boyz Toyz combined. Thanks for a wonderful service."

"I too have been very frustrated by Craigslist flaggers... I was often left scratching my head wondering what in my ad could possibly deem a flagging. It will be refreshing if Alaskaslist becomes as or more popular than Craigslist for local commerce and trade. I will do my part to spread the word."

"First and foremost I'd like to say THANK YOU for your contribution. We have needed a GOOD local sales site in Alaska for a long time. Several have tried. You've done it! Thanks again. I placed my 1st ad last Friday and had a HUGE success. I can't believe how soon the response started (10 minutes!!!) and how many called! I was sold out by Sunday!"

"I am impressed. You have a great thing going with your site. I can not stand CL at all. I feel like cattle on that site, and the flagging thing is way out of control. Well, keep up the good work."

"We appreciate your site very much. We're selling things at Alaskaslist all the time now, and it's SO much better than Fee-bay and Flaggerslist. Best wishes from our family to yours."

"Love Alaska's List! Thanks very much, we appreciate it and we're strong users!"

"Thank you for your site. I sold my property through your"

"I just discovered your site... Thank you VERY MUCH for a much needed breath of sanity. I have had a number of postings there flagged for no apparent reason... I wish you all the best in your endeavor and sure hope that Alaska's List thrives! I can assure you that I will do my best to make sure it does."

"Kudos to you and your classifieds website!!! I like what you are doing because I too think Craigslist if full of crap. I wish you the best. Keep up the good work!"

"Thank you. You guys are awesome!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alaskaslist!!"

"Thank you alaskaslist for the wonderful service you provide to our community!"

"Thank you for starting ALASKASLIST. You have helped me sell several articles already with absolutely no hassle."

"Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to you for giving all of us such a great site. I used to look at CL several times per day but I only check out here now. I have 2 featured ads with you and have recieved lots of inquiries from them."

"WOW, what a refreshing business you have... I am going to tell everyone i know about this this Alaskaslist... impressed and appreciating you."

"Nice website - it's good to have an alternative to CraigsList - have had problems listing there too - it's just too big for it's own good..."

"Just the fact that they have guns alone makes Alaskaslist a better site by a large margin!! But you know, I also like that I only have to post my ad once there, whereas I would have to post my ad over and over again every 10 minutes at Craigslist because some idiot, who has never met me, is flagging my ad. I have no doubt that Alaskaslist will continue to grow with real advertisements, while Craigslist will always be full of BS discussions, flaggers, and a number of other things that makes Craigslist a waste of my time."

"Thanks! I will use your sight from now on. I have had some run ins with those who have nothing better to do than remove postings that they don't like from CL and am glad that there is now an alternative! Keep it up and maybe the big boys will have to take notice of what those hateful people are doing on their web sites!"

"I have been posting ads at Alaskaslist since you started the site and I sold everything that I posted within a week. I had those same postings on CL and they got flagged right away. Alaskaslist is the way to go. I have found my new list."

"Just wanted to let you know you've done an awesome job with this website! The flaggers have started attacking our programs and almost anything having to do with 4-H and animals. Your site is like a breath of fresh air."

"There is no denying that some people using Craigslist take the enforcement of posting rules a little too seriously. I attribute that behavior to the "rent-a-cop syndrome," which I did just make up to describe people with nothing better to do that are given some perceived authority, and voila, they have a reason for living after all. I hope Alaskaslist kicks Craigsbutt!"

"Good on you, Mr. Baker! I found it very frustrating that animal litters were prohibited sales on and the newspaper had very little in terms of purebred dogs. Now I know where to seek my Boston Terrier pup!"

"Good luck man! I love small ALASKAN business."

"WooHoo! Craigslist is full of wimpy whiners!!"

"Anything related to PETS is going to get flagged on Craigslist... You can thank the PETA fanatics for that... Thanks for making a site where animal sellers don't have to put up with that crap."

"This site is a great idea. Craigslist is a haven for people with their own agenda, where they want to control other people's lives. There is no denial about it. I've seen it. They flag ads that are completely appropriate, yet allow pictures and comments that are not. you can even pick up prostitutes on craigslist. How appropriate is that?"

"On craigslist you can't sell guns, but you can buy a lady of the night. Yep, that make sense. At alaskaslist, you CAN sell guns, but you CAN'T buy a lady of the night. Way to go!"

"Nice, I added your site to my favorites. Thanks."

"Nice! Thats the good ol' Alaskan spirit! Craigslist is a mess with a terrible user interface that gives too much power to the self-righteous."

"There may be too many people with too much time on their hands when they spend all day reading craigs list so they can be an irritant and flag postings just because they can! Good Luck!"

"I just want to say I get frustrated looking at Craig's list . I think it's just a poorly put together website. Too much stuff that I think just doesn't pertain to buying and selling. Thank you."

"I love your list and appreciate your hard work making a family friendly list for us Alaskans. Keep up the great work!"

"Thanks for the great website, I hope you really kick craigslist's butt... I, like you, am tired of the flaggers on craigslist, these people are on a power trip and craigslist does not care! Your site has REAL possibilities, I wish You well!"

"I sold my machine off Alaskaslist today. Also, I found you by the article in the ADN and love ya. I can't stand cragislist and will be speading the word about you. Thanks for helping me sell my sled."

"I think Alaskaslist is great! I think people are starting to see what a great site you started! Keep up the good work."

"I just wanted to say thanks for the new web site I was getting tired of craigslist also. Thanks again."

"Because of your Web site I was able to sell my firearms right away. I will be selling more as I am downsizing my collection. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you very much. I LOVE your list. My husband has been wanting something like this forever! Excellent job."

"You do have a great thing going alaskas list is what we needed for a long time."

"VERY impressed with your site and your speedy e-mail replies! Thank you for all you are doing! You are awesome!! I will tell everyone about your website!"

"I have used Craigslist alot in the past, but your site is so much cleaner and user-friendly; and Alaska grown! What a great thing contribution to us Alaskan's - thank you so much! I wish you the best and will pass this site on to everyone I know who used craigslist. You'll definately see me using your site regularly!"

"I didn't realize that your site has only been operational for such a short time. A friend of mine told me of Alaskaslist and I thought I was behind the times. Your site has brought attention to my business and I thank you. I read the inspiring story on and found it very compelling. I wish you the best of luck and maybe, just maybe one day you will be as big as Craigslist. I would hope anyways. Take care and thank you for such a wonderful new inspiring site."

"This is a much more usable site than Craig's List. Alaska needed something like this. Thank you for creating!!!"

"This site has an outstanding layout, easy to read and navigate. I haven't purchased, or sold, anything yet, but I have several items to be sold this summer and maybe next fall. Thanks for creating such a great site for us!"

"I want to thank you for letting me look for puppies and cats on without having to read the horrible stories and fighting you see on the animal sites of craigslist. Thanks Again."

"You are doing a great job and will service so many wonderful Alaskans. Keep up the good work! And with you staying in control I believe it will be a good work!! Congratulations!!"

"I read about your site on a link and applaud your efforts. I too, am weary of the constant flagging and hateful people on Craigslist. I'm glad to see there's some American spirit of free market capitalism still kicking here in Alaska!! Best wishes and good luck with your site."

"I love it that you have done this! Nice to have a site for Alaska and not just craigslist."

"I love having more alternatives to do things. I dislike all of the politics and garbage. You have done a good thing here!"

"Okay! I already thought this was awesome, but your proving to be beyond that! Fast reply, I love the site, user friendly (for a dummy like me). Your guys are too good! My dad is hanging up right now to call a craig user to tell them about alaskaslist. You have a great thing going. Thank you!"

"I love Alaska's List. I had my truck posted for sale on Craigslist for six months and only got about 6 people scheduling test drives and then never showing up. I posted on Alaska's List and one week later my truck was gone. It is so nice to be able to post an ad and it get read by serious people instead of scammers. Thank You Alaska's List."

"Hey just wanted to say I love your site. I use the gun and hunting section all the time... Keep up the good work."

"Your format is far superior to Craigslist, easier to read, and far more organized. I hope your site is sucessful in attracting local peddlers. Craigslist can keep the folks looking for "threesomes tonight", and all that type of stuff."

"Wow, THANK YOU for taking the bull by the horns. Craigslist flaggers have been the bane of my posting existence in trying to sell things. A snow plow kept getting flagged out of auto sales because they wanted it in garden tools, for crying out loud. I've wondered how they could get away with so much flagging, what the criteria was, and who - exactly - had the authority to decide what got flagged, but there never seemed to be any rhyme or reason. My ads were legitimate, sold nothing illegal, and seemed perfectly sensible but somehow I would always be deemed inappropriate. Aaargggh!! So, good job for creating something we Alaskans can use the way we want. Alaskaslist may be the best thing since smoked salmon..."

"This is a much more usable site than Craig's List. Alaska needed something like this. Thank you for creating!"

"This site has an outstanding layout, easy to read and navigate. Thanks for creating such a great site for us!"

"I have made several sales and a purchase or two on this wonderful new Alaskaslist. Thanks."

"I'm glad someone is finally providing a conservative alternative to Craigslist... Thanks Alaska's List. Your website is just what we needed here in the Greatland."

"I sold my Browning 9mm off of Alaskaslist in less than 12 hours. This ad got twice as many responses as any other medium I tried. Thanks."

"YOU ARE LIKE WAY TOO COOL! I admire you alot for being able to do all of these wonderful deeds for our Alaskan communities... Who would have known you were capable of so much. It is nice to see that some of us can still make a difference. THANK YOU... THANK YOU... THANK YOU!!!!! I love Alaskaslist by the way!"

"Thanks, what a fantastic site. Godbless thanks."

"Thank you for starting this site. You are certainly a breath of fresh air and I know you will have great success, because the force is with you."

"I am glad you took the initiative and started a list that is monitored. It is a needed link in networking here in Alaska. Alaskaslist offers clean and hassle free networking."

"I placed an ad on your website for a puppy I found a home for, thanks to you guys! Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayers and with thanks."

"Appreciate y'all listing guns on this site, which is great with or without guns. (better with!)"

"I fought the CL flagging police long and hard, tried reasoning, re-posting constantly, and was attacked from every side. I even got voice mails at my home, nasty ones, from these horrible flagging police. So I am very sincere in my appreciation of your wonderful place I can post without fear."

"Can't thank you enough for featuring my small business. I lost almost 25% of my business when I could no longer post on CL. I can't tell you how happy I am that someone like you has taken this initiative and created this incredible site for Alaskans."

"Thank you Alaskaslist for supporting our 2nd Amendment rights. They won't even let me advertise a gun scope at Craigslist. It only took me a day to sell my gun off your site. I guess I didn't ask enough for it. :) Keep up the good work. I'm going to tell all my buddies about Alaskaslist."

"Just wanted to say, "Good Job." Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Keep up the good work. I will be looking forward to your improvements. I will most definitely spread the word about your site."

"I have been considering building an Alaskan, buy sell & trade site, but I'm way to busy to to do it. Thanks for doing all the work for me. I think this site is AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work."

"Hey!! Love your new site! Keep up the good work - we need something local for a change. Thanks"

"Nice job on your classified ad list. It looks great. I'm working on one myself, but I like your layout better. Good luck."

"Way to go Team Alaska! Having experienced such contempt myself on CL, I applaud your efforts. We in this state have a different and well grounded mindset (for the most part) and it is sad that such rabble can accost us like they do at Craigslist. Kudos to the entire team @ Alaskaslist for their marvelous fortitude and dedicated upholding of the Alaskan spirit. AK4ever. YO!"

"CL has become intolerable, thank you for offering an alternative website. I see most of the reputable horse people are here already. Now that I found it, will frequent your site instead of CL."

"Thank you so much Alaskaslist. I am again selling and buying as I once did on Brand X. Thank You for helping Alaskans!"

"Just wanted to say I am glad you guys started this site. Thanks for taking time out to put it all together. And thank goodness that there is no more flagging! You rock!"

"Thanks a bunch! I still look at Craigslist from time to time and its amazing the BS thats going on. You guys definitely have my vote. We sold 2 pups and 1 snake from your site so far. We will support you guys anyway we can. I know you are staying busy with the site, with vast improvements since the beginning. Keep up the hard work."

"Thanks for your courage and hard work to provide this great site. You are the freedom loving Alaskan that we've been waiting for. Again, Thanks for your site and attitude. I hope that you have excellent results and are prosperous. PROUD TO BE ALASKAN" "Thank you so much, whoever started this site, because I can now post my ad, or post for a found kitty who needs a home, or a stray dog, or whatever, and I know I won't get flagged, plus the post is seen by so many people now. Every time I check in it's bigger."

"I've noticed that I no longer check in with Craigslist first. Now I go to Alaskaslist first, then glance in to the chaos at CL, and just pop back over to the order and relaxed feeling at Alaskaslist. I am part of the ground floor of a potentially huge site. I'm telling everyone about this site and getting everyone, all my clients and friends, to hop on and check it out."

"I've sent out so many emails. If you're sick of the silliness on CL then tell your friends about this other Alaskan specific site. Send out emails to everyone on your list. Let's support this site and take the 'mission from god' away from the flagging Nazis and self-appointed police on CL."

"I used that site last week to rehome a dog. It worked wonderfully! I love Craigslist for the funnies, but when I want to look at some real ads I go to Alaskaslist."

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