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Wanted: Cat or Kitten
Location Anchorage, Alaska
Telephone 907-231-2480
My roommates and I have moved into a house that allows us to have 2 cats each, so we want to get some cats or kittens to start a cat B&B, where people who come from out of town can stay in a house with several beautiful cats. Covid will be over one day and tourism will start back up, so we are thinking ahead. We are interested in any of the following:

Any medium or long haired kittens
Calico, short or long haired
Siamese or white, short or long haired
Black with silver tips, lighter roots, or ghost stripes
Certain tabbies will be considered

We are willing to pay up to $100 for a rehoming fee if the cat is unique. Average kittens shouldn’t be more than $50 since they will need over $100 of vet care just to get them started. We are also looking at rescues, and they charge anywhere from $130 - $150 for kittens.

Thanks for looking!
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