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Wanted: Mature Male Dog
Location Haines, Alaska
Telephone 907-766-2573
Senior seeking adult/senior-ish dog. I'm a 74 y.o. Haines woman looking to adopt a mature male dog. By mature I mean not a puppy but not a couch potato either. A dog that wants/needs a solid, daily walk (an hour or so; a longer hike when possible), a dog with spirit who also is generally cooperative with our human situations like leash-walking, tie-out lines, not overtly destructive, etc. Also important: generally friendly with neighbor dogs, comfortable with inside time, house trained. I'm open to breeds, though I do want a medium size dog, not a tiny dog. Also it's very important that I NOT bring another part-pit to my neighborhood. I would consider a bonded pair depending on their size. I understand you might want a rehoming fee, let's also know that I might have to travel and pay transport costs. I have references and I know we'd have to get to know each other via email and phone before meeting. I have a house, I don't have a fenced yard, (5 tie-out lines instead). I live alone with no other pets, my dog goes everywhere I go. I don't go as far or as long as I used to but whether I'm walking for errands, to collect left-over wood at the local mills, or on an actual hike, my dog is my best and favorite companion. Thanks for considering me. I'm a good dog person and also want to see myself become a better dog person.
Thanks for looking!
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